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The Greening Campaign Phase One

Engage your community

Have you ever felt powerless against Climate Change, and as if you cannot change anything? Well, this is where we begin a journey to bring your community together, and to prove you have made a difference. We start with simple changes in Phase 1 and build on your success to more stretching activities in the following Phases. It is fun, rewarding, and will bring everyone together.

We are here to support you to tackle
Climate Change from where you live.

If you don’t believe this is possible, look at how Vegans changed vast sections of our supermarket shelves, simply by constantly carrying a message, building numbers and being choosy about how they shop – bingo! We can do this with Climate Change.

We will help your community to choose some challenges, put them on a card, and get those changing their behaviour to be visible and proud about what they are doing, so it encourages others. We will teach you how to get your community to take part in this campaign, and we will tell you the amount of combined carbon you have saved all together.

But more than all the above,
we will help you to make it fun!

By starting with something simple, it allows everyone to take part whoever they are. It also means that people can take part even if they have no knowledge about Climate Change or energy reduction. You then have a great foundation of people if you choose to move to the next Phase.

We want you to succeed, and so we will support you the very best we can.

  • Available for support and advice
  • Provide you with a Specialist Information Pack
  • Guide you through the process
  • On-line meetings with groups of other communities
  • Links to your Councils
  • On-line videos you can use
  • One to one conversation with us if needed

TOP TIP – follow the pack and don’t try and cut corners.

“I wish we had followed the pack and included our community from the start, it would have saved so much time as we moved forward”


Follow the guidance on getting community groups involved – if you don’t do this it will be just a small group of you and you need everyone!

Communities in action


Interested in running a campaign or finding out more?

Please contact Terena and she will talk you through all the options. We want to support you to enjoy running The Greening Campaign - our future is your future - we all live on the same planet!

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