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Cycle of the Seed

This is a Pillar in Phase 2 of the Greening Campaign.

We are all aware that food security is a big issue in the UK and we all need to act, but sometimes we do not really know how.  We will support your community to run a fun and inclusive programme that will increase food growing whilst opening discussions around food security and how we can improve it.

We will also look at how to put together courses for those starting the food growing journey and how the Cycle of every Seed is a process from which we learn about growing food, cooking with the plants, reducing the amount of food we waste, and then composting what is left to use as a base for growing the next round of food.

They will also teach you about soil health and how that benefits so many aspects of a changing climate as well as our food production.

It will also link with activities being run by the other Pillars so your community can join together to learn that the solutions to some climate impacts may be found by different Pillars working together.

Interested in running a campaign or finding out more?

Please contact Terena and she will talk you through all the options. We want to support you to enjoy running The Greening Campaign - our future is your future - we all live on the same planet!

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