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Health and wellbeing in light of a changing climate

The Greening Campaign has partnered with Anthea Cooke – Wellbeing Consultant

This is a Pillar from Phase 2 of the Greening Campaign.

When we look back at how helpless we were before we knew how better to protect ourselves from Covid, we were at the mercy of the virus. It is the same with Climate Change. We know that there will be serious implications for our health and wellbeing as the Climate Changes – just think about how unprepared we were this summer for that heatwave? So, we need to make ourselves aware of, and understand those implications and become more resilient.

It’s easy to bury our heads in the sand but opening conversations, sharing our hopes and concerns is the starting point to raising awareness and feeling we’re not alone and can do things to help – baby steps. So, Anthea supports communities to develop activities and events that will help you and your communities explore, express and understand the road ahead. People of all ages are experiencing ‘Climate Anxiety.

When we talk, we support each other, and when we are active we feel we are facing the problems – thus the barriers begin to break down and we can begin to identify ways to become more resilient. One community working on the Health Pillar facilitated an event for people to explore their feelings about their wellbeing and climate Change. One of the organisers said:

‘It was a game changer – not only did we have a conversation but you couldn’t describe the emotional feelings and connections.’

Anthea helps you to open the door so that you can begin to help protect the health and wellbeing in your community.

Anthea is very committed to supporting communities to become more resilient to the impacts of Climate Change on health and wellbeing. She has a long track record of working with the public sector, at local, national and international levels. Her main expertise is in Public Mental Health and she has an ever growing understanding about the impacts of Climate Change.

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