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Reducing Energy use at Home

Reducing home energy use

This is a Pillar in Phase 2 of the Greening Campaign.

Using many years of experience, the Greening Campaign has a programme to galvanize communities to come together and learn about changes in behaviour that will reduce energy bills, save money and reduce our impact on the planet. You will have the basic skills from Phase 1 and we use this, working alongside the grant giving organisations, your Council and relevant expertise, to help your residents make the changes required to support each other through turbulent times.

How you use your home is one of the most important topics for reducing energy and we have advice sheets and lots of ideas and information to support you, as well as activities to get everyone involved.

We help with understanding how to stop the energy you have already paid for from escaping from the home, we then look at different ways of heating the home, and finally and most importantly, we look at how you manage the energy you use within the home – behaviour change.

We trust that there are already good examples of all the above in your community and there will also be expertise – we help you find it and share it.
All homes have valuable examples of various problems and solutions, let’s join these together and find ways to save money and CO2.

When life gets tough, we help communities get stronger and find solutions.

Interested in running a campaign or finding out more?

Please contact Terena and she will talk you through all the options. We want to support you to enjoy running The Greening Campaign - our future is your future - we all live on the same planet!

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This project has been funded by the UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund.