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Space for nature

The Greening Campaign has partnered with the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

This is one of the 5 Pillars from Phase 2 of the Greening Campaign.

Increasing biodiversity and capturing carbon through nature is of vital importance, and communities are best placed to improve both.

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust will work with you to map your community, whilst understanding what valuable habitats you already have. You then put together a plan to create new habitats, link habitats with corridors, and improve existing habitats. School playgrounds can be used, disused areas, verges, window boxes – whatever your community there is an opportunity to support and encourage nature to thrive.

This Pillar has activities for all ages, and it doesn’t matter if you have absolutely no experience of wild spaces, there are plenty of adventures to take part in.

We have seen some incredibly inspiring results, with communities taking off on bike rides around their area to identify relevant Spaces for Nature! They have produced beautifully constructive reports which they will follow to support nature into the future. This is where experts can really help with advice and experience which they bring to everyone built on years of working in this field.

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People are finding out what already lives in their wild spaces, and it can be such an eye-opening exercise to learn what rare species are living beside you, or what habitat you can help create. It can be public spaces, community owned spaces, council owned, privately owned, and most effective of all are our own back gardens!

Don’t forget how being in Spaces for Nature can support conversation, mental health, keeping cool in the summer, and simple connections with a wild environment can make us relax and feel calmer – or put another way, it starts to fill us with joy.

All we need to do is take a step towards taking part! When the community supports nature, magic happens!

Interested in running a campaign or finding out more?

Please contact Terena and she will talk you through all the options. We want to support you to enjoy running The Greening Campaign - our future is your future - we all live on the same planet!

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