Our journey began in late 2020, initiated by Sue Crossley (leader) and Sophie Negus (secretary)

  • Facebook page [Hambledon Greening Campaign] set up soon after. Now has 196 followers.
  • Set up Google account with mail and contacts which now number 108 supporters and 142 helpful contacts across the county.

Initial public meeting on Zoom in January 2021 to introduce Phase 1:

112 households displayed their Greening Cards (a quarter of the village households) and the equivalent of 70 hot-air balloons of CO2 saved through their various carbon-saving pledges. A great start!

Sophie leaves area in February 2021 and Penny Mahon takes over as secretary in March.

Second online public meeting held in March 2021 to introduce Phase 2: Rewilding.

Lots of enthusiasm from community, church and school:

  • Wild flower seed packets delivered to every house in village in May
  • Village Litter Pick in May
  • Village primary school work with HIWWT on insects in June
  • Wild flower walk led by a supporter on Speltham Down in July
  • HGC stand at Horticultural Show with HIWWT making bug boxes in August
  • HGC Story Competition for children – A Story for the Earth – to be judged at the first Hambledon Greening Fair on Sept 11th (in conjunction with village Eco-Church).

Third online public meeting held on May 12th 2021 to introduce Phase 2 Pillar 2 Retrofit.

About 40 attendees.

  • Google Energy Survey set up for supporters after a committee member purchases a thermal camera to take images of homes.
  • Visit to Sustainability Centre in October 2021 to see their retrofit projects
  • In-person public meeting in October 2022 to push green energy and more thermal camera appointments. About 40 attendees and animated discussion/questions after the talks. 25 thermal camera appointments made.

HGC becomes a Working Group of the Parish Council in November 2021 and receives a budget of £1000 for 2022-23. Monthly reports submitted.

HGC website goes live in December 2021 thanks to Nigel, committee member: www.hambledongreening.com

Repair Cafe

Phase 2 Health and Well-Being begins in early 2022:

  • Denmead and Hambledon Repair Café set up and HGC applies for a Waste Prevention Grant from HCC. £4000 granted. First Café held in May 2022. Hambledon holds their monthly RC in the church and there is great enthusiasm among villagers for this use of the space.
  • In February 2022, an HGC Pop-Up Recycling Station starts in the Village Hall car-park for items not recycled by WCC. Runs monthly along with visits from the Little Green Van. Very popular. Have had to ask people to take their hard plastics to Sainsbury’s if possible – overwhelmed by amounts brought!
  • Greening Fair on Sept 11th was meant to be our focus event for Health and Well-Being but had to be cancelled due to the Queen’s unexpected death on Sept 8th. New date set of May 13th 2023. Will have both a retrofit and well-being focus.

What’s next?

Now thinking about Food and Food Waste as new focus for 2023 – awaiting next Greening pack.

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