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  • The story continues…

    The story continues…

    So lots has happened since I last posted.  Just as background – we want to run an air source heat pump in a solid wall property. 1)  We decided to have a drain survey but of course, that was not simple.  We need to have a certificate of compliance for the drainage to be legal…

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  • Retrofit Coordinator advice

    Retrofit Coordinator advice

    It came to my attention that Greening Hambledon and Winchester Action on Climate Change were running a free ‘Retrofit Advice Surgery for Old Buildings’ – the timing could not have been better! 

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  • The journey begins

    The journey begins

    We are in the midst of purchasing an old flint cottage and this blog will follow the journey to discover the challenges of retrofit and the competing bands of cost versus level of insulation/adaptation. The remit for our purchase was a building with 2 bedrooms and plenty of land for all our animals.  Our complication was that…

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